Wednesday, January 7, 2009

divergent sound 1/6/09

the stumps - matching hat and beard
brave priest - no blood (stunned records)
los pranks - clinic ornate at nine o'clock (digitalis limited series)
smokehouse - sunshine stream (abandon ship records)
the north sea - death of a floral artisan (phantom limb recordings)
loosers - 1st - bumba meu boi (not not fun)
sun arraw - hive burner (not not fun)
residual echoes - side b - get yer wah wahs out
sleeping babies - arrow in the earth
tomutonttu - (?)no info
sala-ahrimo - crazy Finnish title that hurts my eyes (time-lag)
caboladies - (rampart tapes)
goodwillies - maria vanilla (phantom limb recordings)
powdered wigs - side a