Wednesday, July 4, 2007

divergent sound 7/4/07

pearls before swine - i shall not care - complete esp disk recordings

lost domain - pearline - white man at the door

gang wizard - hear it nowl (or intro?) - meet me at merkato

kevin shields - no good drod goes - the death of patience **new**

ntx + electric - walk through fire - we are the wild beast

mouthus - your land as a nation - for the great slave lakes **new**

tomutonttu - untitled - from 2003 tape on huutomerkki label

softwar - psychic shake - softwar **new**

powdered wigs - stabot mater - untitled tape? **new**

social junk - cities on fire - offering **new**

residual echos - side a - get yer wah wah's out

futurians - genetic futurian - zent **new**

softwar - immul (the children's crusade) ------->or, the unplumbed potential - softwar **new**

argumentix - first door on the right - the fruit will rot 2

rose for bohdan - friends forever - then everybody hugged, "racism is god" **new**

air conditioning - accept your paralysis/cephalexin - dead rails **new**

vlor - wires - drones, loves, honesties, sounds **new**

mirror/dash - i can't be bought **new**

buck paco - 48 hours and no white elephants - i've wasted my breath **new**

captain ahab - girls gone wild - after ther rain my heart still dreas

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