Thursday, August 2, 2007

divergent sound 8/1/07

six organs of admittance - don't be affraid - six organs of admittance
harris newman - lords & ladies - accidents with nature and eachother
tar pet - the next one piece it back lovers - the artist revelealed is taralie dawn
hop frog's drum jester devotional - you can't do that to me, i'm an american - bets ov vol.1
valet - burmajuna - blood is clean
toilet - g4ra fr60 he33 - the fruit will rot 3 **newish**
sote - micro tuning - ghos busters III **newish**
powdered wigs - violin - grown zone **newish**
nonhorse - get to sleep ignore plane and animal - haraam, circle of flames **newish**
fursaxa - march hare - honeymoon music compilation
kuupuu - linnut - kulta sulka
astronovaz - untitled song - untitled tape **newish**
the stumps - matching hat and beard - lost weekends
harold "sack" ziegler and e*rock - revenge (final battle) - mind as master
pumice - stars - need for a crossing: a new new zealand **newish**
northern song dynasty - circle road - northern song dynasty
yellow6 - seethrough - overtone
thousands - track 2 - overflow'd & gush'd out **newish**
alex neilson & richard youngs - chamber - partick rain dance
sala-arhimo - kolmijalkainen koira - pelko pois
white rainbow - mysitc prism - prism of the eternal now
f/i - the hot shop - a question for the somnambulist
spires that in the sunset rise - leader of change and the leader of within - spires that in the sunset rise
avarus - prinssi halonen - secret eye label sampler
phosphene - cozy sphere - secret eye label sampler
the lady martin - surveilance - shelter death **newish**
pelt - hippy war machine - stand up for art rock space rock is over
vocokesh - new cropcircle boogine - through the smoke
air - rouyn-noranda - tididii tididii tididiididii
low frequency in stereo - limousine - travelling ants who got eaten by moskus
vibracathedral orchestra - sunset eye - trighplane terraforms
hush arbors - dark mist curtains the doorway - under bent limb trees
true primes - 13 houses - we have won **newish**
lucky dragons - the sound of waves - windows **newish**

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