Tuesday, September 2, 2008

divergent sound 9/2/08

Note: some songs have been manipulated

cough - killing fields - sigillum lucifer
powdered wigs - violin - grown zone
orphan fairytale - untitled 01 (ending manipulated)
cosmicdust - swallowed in the sea - snow noise assemblage
alcian blue - silver's sleep walk
swirlies - pancake
the vera violets - evergreen
vidulgi ooyoo - elephant -aero
autolux - future perfect
dreamend - murmer (ending manipulated)
alcian blue - response (middle extended)
Jatun - ghost and grey
transient stellar - lores -rkodr
transient stellar - quur
transient stellar - dkdr
silvania - arcangel
silvania - juniper
vromb - l'hypnose

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tom1122 said...

Hi Eric - I listened to your show last night and thought it was great. The last playlist I see on the KUCI web site is from Sept 2. Could you point me to the list you used yesterday?