Wednesday, July 1, 2009


sun arraw - boat trip side a
scorces - ? - vivre avec la bete
fursaxa - tympanum with curipira - mandrake
zomes - cosmovital force - s/t
robedoor - abyss whisperer - rahcor keeper
six organs of admittance - punish the chasms with wings - rtz
comets on fire - the way down - s/t
crystal antlers - swollen sky - tentacles
long legged woman - yours is mine - nobody knows this is nowhere
hue blanc's joyless ones - down on me (33 instead of 45!)
birds of maya - black foot kin - vol. 1
blues control - s/t - s/t
boris - starship narrator -
boris - statement
acid mothers temple - in c (terry riley) - in c
zomes - crowning orbs - s/t
Moon Pearl - Ride yr Bones II

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