Sunday, August 31, 2008

divergent sound 4.08.08

antique brothers - linear wolf - emerge, murky sunlight vol.5
spires that in the sunset rise - bells that ting at night - s/t
sala-arhimo - kolmijjalkainen koira - pelko pois
tarentel - track 1 (untitled) - home ruckus
anvil salute - jive talking - a discreet history of bone
white rainbow - mystic prism - prism of eternal now

hush arbors - nine bones - landscape of bones
long legged woman - we learned to survive - newtown nights
corsican paintbrush - maize to feed the wolves - foxglovexx2
death chants - doppleganger - s/t
keijo -light taps collected - not with normal birds
fursaxa - water moon - terrastock six comp

starving weirdos - live at synapsis art space - live
mike tamburo - in this world and the next - of faith and joy and happiness (language of the birds and other fantasies)
mike tamburo - man of the clock - a fine line on the throne of time (language of the birds and other fantasies)

mv/ee & the bummer road - jigg's psych bbq - the bummer road
the pranks - clinic ornate at nine o'clock (by flying ants) - los pranks
long legged woman - electricity - brownturnsblack

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