Sunday, August 31, 2008

divergent sound 8.12.08

fuck buttons - ok lets talk about magic
a place to burry strangers - the falling sun
cosmicdust - bird cries
alcian blue - silver's sleep walk
a sunny day in glasgow - c'mon
the fleeting joys - magnificent oblivion
star - cock swan

star - liar's in love
the emerald down - a minor crush
bethany curve - drag
alcian blue - years too late
highspire - love me or leave me
a place to bury strangers - another step away
cosmicdust - no matter
alcian blue - angelica take me down
the emerald down - heavier than ether, lighter than air
cosmicdust - swallowed in the sea
a place to bury strangers - don't think lover

star - sad action
star - jailor
alcian blue - translucent
pale saints - the sight of you

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